Simultaneous launch across six countries

In 2014, 1&1 launched its new ecommerce solution delivered by ePages. The shops were tailored to the specific needs of each of the six country markets and introduced simultaneously in Germany, UK, Spain, France, US and Canada.

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A winning partnership since 2013

As a leading provider for web services on the Italian market, Aruba began selling online shops powered by ePages in 2013. Today, the collaboration between ePages and Aruba has successfully evolved to enable Aruba to offer easy and all-in-one ecommerce solutions, and so become the leading ecommerce provider on a national level.

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Are you interested in selling eShops?

Enrich your portfolio with a powerful and white label solution to target your SMB customer base. Learn more about the advantages of selling eShops and the ecommerce product range offered by ePages.

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