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SMBs have trusted in our online shop solutions for more than 20 years. Find out more about our white labelled products and learn the advantages of selling eShops to your customers.

Advantages from selling eShops

Strong demand for ecommerce

Online retail sales are expected to develop to $480bn a year by 2019. The SMB market alone will exceed $100bn in total sales in 2015.

ePages services

Reseller services help you to smoothly implement, maintain, market and support eShops in your portfolio. Find out more about our services.

Solutions for every need

Make it easy for your customers to adopt ecommerce with a plug-in solution and with their growing success, guide them onto a dedicated eShop package.

Healthy profit margins

Meet the growing market demand for SaaS ecommerce and profit from a subscription model with high ARPU customers.

White labelled eShop solution

Extend your portfolio to offer a powerful all-in-one shop solution. Our completely brandable eShop fits seamlessly into your product range.

Grow with your customers

Offering eShops to your customer base is an established way to extend your average customer lifetime.

Get our white paper to receive further information on how to grow your business with eShops.

Online shops for SMBs: How to meet merchants’ needs

The ecommerce solutions of ePages are designed to directly address the challenges and technical needs of small to medium-sized businesses of all types and size.

Let your customers profit from the following advantages on the road to successful ecommerce:

  • Get started quickly with a simple to use and scalable DIY online store
  • Transparent costs with an all-in-one package and fully managed updates
  • Feature rich ecommerce across marketing, payments and logistics
  • Unbeatable value for money

With ePages you can be sure to offer an all-in-one online shop solution in your portfolio that meets the needs of SMBs at different stages of development.

eShops that suit your customer base

Plugin – ideal for the first entry into ecommerce

Many customers who are already running a website successfully could profit from taking a step into ecommerce. With a plug-in solution, a small set of ecommerce features can be added to a website quickly making this an ideal way to test if online sales are feasible.

First experience in selling products online can be gained without setting up a full-scale online shop.

ePages Base – the perfect fit for SMBs

If a merchant wishes to market their products online and grow a business further, the powerful ecommerce solution from ePages is the perfect fit. With our all-in-one shop solution, a merchant can build and manage their shop themselves and be sure that it benefits from all updates automatically. With an extensive feature set, many third-party integrations and the ePages App & Theme Store, the retailer can customize their shop to a high degree.

The ePages white paper: Boost your business with eShops

Our white paper will show you how offering eShops can boost your business. You will gain insights and key statistics surrounding the SMB market, the customer lifetime value of your ecommerce clients and the benefits of a Software as a Service solution. Just insert your details below to receive the ePages white paper.

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Discover our eShop features

With the all-in-one shop solution from ePages you can offer customers a feature-rich complete package that provides everything they need to become successful in ecommerce. Take a tour through our features to learn about setting up and designing a shop, tools for analyzing consumer behaviour, and how to market products online.

Take a look at our shop gallery to see a sample of the many successful ePages merchants.

ePages features

More shop solutions

Learn even more about the broad range of shop solutions we are offering. Simply get in touch with our sales team and they will be happy to give you more information about the Flex, Enterprise or Multistore solutions.

Let us know how we can help you offer an ecommerce solution that exactly fits your customer needs.