Services offered by ePages

ePages is a service in the cloud. It is now easier than ever for you to integrate ePages shops into your portfolio. Find out more about the full range of services we offer for reselling ecommerce successfully to your customer base.


Promote and educate for your customers

For many years, we have gained experience in selling online shops successfully with partners in over 70 countries worldwide. Our Marketing teams are equipped to offer you multiple program options for launching and marketing online shops within your portfolio.

Examples of our services:

  • Optimization of landing pages to increase your conversion rate
  • Creation of special landing pages for your online campaigns (e.g. for acquisition, engagement or upsell)
  • Lifecycle mailings to help your customers get started
  • Support resources and events (CTA) such as ePages academy, ePages blog

Application Management

Save time, effort and server capacity

Our software is fully managed, ensuring that all local integrations such as payment or shipping gateways are always up to date and high performance.

We carry out the installation of all security and version updates. This way we keep more than 140,000 eShops running smoothly.

If more convenient for you, we can also provide the full hosting of your ecommerce platform on our servers.


For you and your customers

ePages offers a feature-rich online shop platform. With extensive service provider support, we enable you and your merchants to achieve the full potential of the software.

For service providers

From your launch, we can support you in delivering an excellent ecommerce service: our 2nd and 3rd level support services can work alongside your own support agents to fulfil technical support for your customers.

For merchants

We help your customers to find answers quickly: with a wide range of resources and experts to hand, we offer all merchants high quality support materials such as video tutorials, ePages Community and Help Center.


Design Services

Professional shop design as a service

Should your merchants require a more complex or unique design for their shop, the web design experts from ePages Design Services are on hand to help. Our designers are highly proficient and can create an individual online shop design swiftly.

Make it easy for your customers to realize their ecommerce vision and offer ePages Design Services within your portfolio. You can either market our design packages as white labelled or simply refer clients to our website.

Example Design Services for merchants

Setup service

With a one-to-one training we help your merchant with the setup of their shop design.

Design package

We customize your customers’ design themes and create a number of subpages for them.

Additional consultancy & analysis

Our experts can advise a merchant on an individual basis regarding their ongoing design and shop optimization.

Design Services